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Nigerian. I love Big Cities and Dimples. Wanderlust. Scandal. I have a thing for Sunsets and City Lights. Take your time..Breathe.. Enjoy ;-)


Floating Ripple Vase

An expensive, ornate vase can be as much of a centrepiece as the flowers that are in it. These floating vases designed by the Japanese group oodesign take things in the opposite direction by making them look like water ripples.

Shaped like ripples in water, the floating vases by Oodesign
 from japan allow users to place flowers into a PET formed resin void – floating nonchalantly on the water. fill your favorite container or transparent bowl or a glass with water and float the vase according to the movement of the air, the plants change their position within the container.

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There are so many beautiful things in this world. Things I can only look at in awe and just start crying because they are so spectacular. I can only be grateful. 

Labinth feat. Emeli Sandé

—Beneath Your Beautiful


This song can make you cry like a baby or cheer you up.